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Tooling & Equipment

EMICO, as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), fully understands the requirements of automation, fabricating cells, and tooling. We specialize in tube bending, welding and complex assemblies. The company has supplied many of the automotive and transportation industries’ key suppliers with turn-key systems to meet stringent manufacturing tolerances, efficiency and tak-time requirements, and launch timing commitments.

EMICO utilizes a great array of automation and robotics, and has internal abilities including:

  • • In-house tooling capability for all fixturing, end-of-arm solutions and tooling

  • • In-house automated welding work stations

  • • In-house tube and sheet metal stamping dies

  • • In-house integrated tube bending work cells


    We design and produce a vast array of tooling and automation. We can produce to customer specifications! We are a quality-driven, leader in the industry.

    1. Integrated tube bending work cells

    2. Automated welding work stations

    3. Tube, sheet metal and stamping dies


  • Types

    Machinery & Automation
    EMICO designs automation and process machinery onsite. We have the technology and experience to design and meet specifications for companies seeking to improve quality, reduce costs and increase efficiency. Contact us to find out more about our services and abilities.
    Tooling, Dies & Fixtures
    EMICO designs and builds tool and dies for stamping, forming and metal processing for a variety of industries. This ranges from turn-key solutions to general tooling and gauging maintenance needs. Contact us for additional information..