Our High Performance Affiliate

Off-Highway & Industrial OEM

EMICO is an industry leader in emissions and exhaust systems for on- and off-highway applications. We are a fully equipped, comprehensively tooled manufacturing organization specializing in Emissions and Exhaust Related Components and Systems. We serve various sectors of the small engine market (6-100hp), including turf care equipment, utility vehicles, ATVs, motorcycles, material handling equipment, marine, construction and agricultural equipment, auxiliary power units (APU) and generators.

EMICO also offers a range of Tubular and Welded Assemblies for a wide variety of markets. With expertise in tube bending and forming, we develop and supply Rollover Protection Systems (ROPS) and Occupant Protective Systems (OPS) with third party certification at customer request. EMICO also designs and manufactures Steering Control Levers, Brush Guards, Push Bars, Light Bars and Cargo Racks. Powder coated paint finish available in machine color or black.

Complex Welded Assemblies and intricate Tubular fabrications are a core competency of the organization with extensive experience producing vehicle frames, seat frames and structures, and multi-cylinder exhaust manifolds.

EMICO is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

  • EMICO can produce prototypes as quick as 48 hours.

  • The EMICO team has extensive knowledge and experience with emissions and exhaust manufacturing for both the on- and off-road industries.

  • We understand EPA and California ARB emissions regulations and certifications process and have direct access to advanced converter technology.

  • Our investment in Lean Manufacturing has allowed us to lower inventory costs and only manufacture the required products.

  • Our flexible production methods CNC bending and custom welding automation reduce set-up and tooling costs.

  • EMICO has an in-house tool and die shop, so you’re never left waiting on work that is outsourced.



Commercial Turf
EMICO supplies the Commercial Turf market with tubular products, emissions aftertreatment, and exhaust related components. EMICO produces mufflers, catalytic converters, manifolds, OPS/ROPS for Zero Turn Radius Mowers (ZTR).
Utility Vehicles
EMICO can custom design emissions solutions allowing our customers to meet the increasingly stringent emissions regulations. EMICO can assist you with your sound and safety requirements, offering a variety of OPS/ROPS solutions and muffler designs. We offer unique capabilities for: luggage racks, brush bars, grab handles,and vehicle frames.
Generators and Pumps
EMICO is involved in a number of the small engine use markets including APUs, generators, and pumps. We produce and sell mufflers, manifolds, tailpipe extensions, handles, and frames to OEMs who make standby generator sets, portable generators, and pumps required for water, manure, concrete, augers and air blowers.
Material Handling
EMICO offers emissions and exhaust system solutions for material handling applications; from indoor propane forklifts to seaport container lifts, and everything in between. With experience in original equipment installations and retro-fit programs, EMICO is your ideal partner.