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Big Bear Choppers achieves CARB compliance
(and 15 more horsepower)
with new ACAT-equipped
exhaust system

Charlevoix, MI: ACAT is proud to announce that Big Bear Choppers has selected the ACAT catalytic converter for its all-new Dyna-Mite exhaust system. The ACAT catalytic converter helped Big Bear Choppers achieve CARB compliance for this system, allowing dealers in California to sell the Dyna-Mite exhaust system designed for 2007 to 2015 Harley-Davidson® Dyna models.

Kevin Alsop, Chief Designer, Big Bear Choppers, and the ACAT-equipped Dyna-Mite exhaust system.

We picked the ACAT system because the herringbone design helped us pass the stringent CARB requirements,” said Kevin Alsop, Chief Designer at Big Bear Choppers. “The insulation keeps temperatures down, and the unit is really light and compact, which means we could put it just about anywhere we wanted without compromising the design of the exhaust system. And it’s very efficient—less noise than other cat systems, and more horsepower. We gained 15 horsepower over the stock exhaust system and still met all the CARB noise and emissions requirements.”

ACAT technology was developed by General Motors/Delphi over a period of 18 years. ACAT acquired the technology and manufacturing capabilities in 2011, and applied it to powersports, automobile, diesel and other forms of internal combustion. ACAT’s proprietary herringbone-formed metallic substrate forces exhaust gas through a metallic maze, thereby increasing contact with the catalyst’s surfaces. This allows increased exhaust flow while also reducing catalyst size for better performance and fuel economy. The technology also means a marked reduction in noise, a smaller size, less weight, more horsepower and better mileage.

For more information, contact
Kevin Erion
Product Development/Sales Powersports



New EPA Approvals

EMICO released new converters in January 2015.

We released 4" catalytic converters for 3.8L and 6.2L, and we released 5" catalytic converters for 6.2L.

EMICO/Whitman Merger

In January of 2014, EMICO was pleased to announce our merger with Whitman Manufacturing Corporation.

This merger promised better reach to new opportunities and improved service to our valued customers. It also promised technological improvements in our product lines, as well as more efficient supply chains, as we brought together the best of Whitman and EMICO’s existing processes and knowledge bases.