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EMICO is a world-class manufacturer of OE-style replacement automotive catalytic converters, down pipes, resonators, mufflers and other exhaust system components. We produce universal and direct fit converters, including diesels, for variety of cars and trucks.

The company has in-house product design and engineering to optimize product design for ease of installation with brackets, hangers and flanges all lining up with that of the original equipment design.

EMICO utilizes OE level catalytic converter substrates for durability and performance.  We work with the leading automotive catalysts suppliers providing proper precious metal catalytic coatings to meet U.S. EPA emissions performance specifications.  EMICO’s product line is EPA complaint with special considerations for problematic applications including European and Asian makes.

From research to design EMICO uses the best engineering and manufacturing practices and innovative technologies, providing solutions to meet customers’ needs for Original Equipment style automotive emission control and exhaust components.

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Direct Fit Catalytic Converters
EMICO Direct Fit Converters are EPA-49 state approved and include manifold, close coupled and under-floor style catalytic converters. EMICO supplies a direct OE-style replacement converter for a wide variety of applications that easily bolt into place eliminating all welding and fabrication normally required when replacing a converter. EMICO offers OE-style hanger, brackets and flanges in original equipment locations. We use OE-design flex-joints for longevity and stainless steel body and tubes to ensure durability in all environments. EMICO catalytic converters are constructed using only mandrel-bent pipe ensuring proper flow and durability.
Universal Fit Catalytic Converters
EMICO offers two premium universal converter designs for outstanding durability and performance – DuraCAT and Five-Star. Both design s are available in a variety of lengths with standard inlet and outlet dimensions ranging from 1.75” to 3” in diameter. All units are certified to meet EPA emissions regulations and higher levels catalyst material available for particularly challenging applications. All units are available with optional heat shields and O2 ports.
Pre-Bent Exhaust Pipes
EMICO pre-bent pipes are direct OEM replacement units including down pipes, intermediate pipes and y-pipes. These pipes offer ease of installation with OE-style flanges and mandrel bent tubing ensuring proper fit and exhaust gas flow. All flex sections utilize double-braided stainless steel with an OE multi-wall design for long and leak-free life.
Mufflers and Resonators
EMICO mufflers and resonators are made only from the highest quality aluminized steel for extended life. Several sized of universal fit units are available as well as a range of direct fit applications.
Components and Accessories
EMICO offers a wide range of flex, clamps and converter components to service virtually any vehicle. This includes EMICO’s unique converter system, which allow you to do the final converter assembly by welding the end-caps in place in exactly the right orientation if needed.